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Therapeutic Recreation

At CNRC, our Therapeutic Recreation Department consists of an enthusiastic, passionate group of individuals. We offer a monthly calendar of activities meant to cultivate the individual skill, talent, and ability of our residents, while promoting their highest quality of life. Our programs focus on physical, creative, cognitive, spiritual, social, and sensory therapies. The dedicated staff run multiple, diverse activities every day, giving the residents a choice to attend an activity anywhere in the facility. The Therapeutic Recreation Department also offers one on one, in-room activities for residents who are unable to or who may choose to engage in primarily independent recreation. All Therapeutic Recreation activities are designed to offer stimulation, structure, entertainment and enrichment.

Upon admission to our facility, the Therapeutic Recreation staff conducts an assessment and an interview. This helps enable us to create a plan of care centered on the residents past and current recreation and leisure interests. When a resident is placed in our care, the Therapeutic Recreation Department assists them with adjustment to life at CNRC by introducing them to staff, volunteers, and peers with similar interests. It is important to us that each resident enjoys what Cayuga Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has to offer.

In order to foster a strong volunteer force, at CNRC we work closely with our local colleges, churches, community organizations, individuals and schools. During any given day we may have a variety of groups and visitors; musicians, dancers, pet visits, youth, scouting groups and religious services here to enhance our programming.

Activities Schedule