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Visitation Letter

January 14, 2022

Dear Residents and Families of Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,

We received a letter from NYS Department of Health late yesterday evening regarding visitations in nursing homes. Due to the current Omicron COVID-19 outbreak throughout the State of New York, the NYS Department of Health is issuing this Health Advisory.

There’s new guidance issued where all visitors entering a nursing home must verify a negative SARS-COV-2 test result one day prior to visitation for antigen tests (rapid) and two days prior to visitation for NAAT (PCR) tests. All visitors may use either NAAT testing or antigen testing. This means, for example, that a test for a Sunday visit should be conducted no earlier than Saturday if it’s an antigen test or Friday if it’s a PCR test.

Visitors are recommended to test outside of the facility if possible. The facility has received a limited supply of antigen tests from the state in preparation for testing visitors. All tests given out will be signed for by each visitor. If a visitor can test or obtain a test prior to their visit the facility will accept the results of the test. If a visitor arrives and needs a test the facility will supply a test to the visitor and they may test themselves in their vehicle and wait for the results of their test for 15 minutes (Instructions on self-testing will be supplied). Once completed, the visitor will place the test and supplies in a biohazard bag supplied by the facility and if negative, the receptionist and/or staff member will discard the test appropriately and guide the visitor to the residents room. If a visitor is unable to obtain a test or do the test themselves in their vehicle, the facility will test the visitor when staff is available to do so. This will make scheduling visits even more important. We recommend that all visitors inform the facility 24 hours in advance to plan for staff to be readily available to test visitors if needed. The facility does not have a standard employee to test visitors. This duty will be distributed amongst our team of nurses.

For visitors who visit multiple days, including a visitor who comes every day, proof of negative testing is required, at a minimum every third day (meaning minimum testing is required on day one, day four and day seven, and so on).

To view our full visitation policy, you may visit our website at

Any questions please contact Amanda Frye Director of Quality Management at 607-273-8072 ext.109


Austen Holochak
Acting Administrator
607-273-8072 ext. 101